The pass plus scheme is a course of lessons taken after you have passed your test, these are designed to help you build on the skills and knowledge you have already mastered and make you a more confident driver. You can take the course at any time but it is mainly aimed at those who have passed their test in the last year. If you take the course you may even be entitled to a discount off your insurance, a list of current participating insurance companies can be found at the bottom of the page, but do check with your insurer to see if you're eligible. The course is done over a minimum of 6 hours with no test at the end, you will be signed off by your instructor and then you will receive a certificate in the post from the Driving Standards Agency. Some of the sessions can be covered theoretically if it is impractical to cover them in car due the time of year for example. You can also take the sessions in your own car if you prefer.

The 6 different modules of Pass Plus

This would be a new subject to you and throughout this module you will be using skills you already have and learning how to apply them to this new found skill. The main areas we will be looking at are; joining and leaving a motorway, overtaking, safe speeds, lane discipline, breakdowns and fatigue.
These are similar to motorways but there are some subtle differences which require you to utilise your skills further. These include using the right hand lane for turning right, different speed limits and possibly slower moving vehicles. You will need great observations skills alongside good forward planning. This module is designed to help develop and improve these skills.
Where possible this will be covered practically, failing that it will be covered in theory. This module covers the many differing weather conditions and the effect they have on driving. For example safe stopping distances in snow, ice and heavy rain. Also how to deal with skids, aquaplaning and how to choose the most appropriate gear for the conditions. Other conditions also covered are the effects of bright sunshine, fog and mist.
The aim of this module is to prepare you for driving in the countryside, teaching you how to deal with narrower roads with potentially sharp bends, dead ground and hidden entrances. Also the sorts of vehicles that you may expect to meet, such as horse riders, cyclists, walkers and large farm machinery just to name a few.
In this module you will develop your skills at driving through towns and busy inner town areas. The main areas of focus will be; keeping a safety zone around the vehicle, how to deal with complex or blind junctions and looking out for vulnerable roads users.
In this module you will cover all aspects of driving at night and where possible these will be covered practically, but due to the time of the year this may not be possible in these circumstances it will be covered in theory. The type of subjects covered are; use of dipped and main beam headlights, hard to see and vulnerable road users, parking and dealing with the dazzle from lights.
High first time pass rate