Terms & Conditions

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your lesson you will need to provide 48hrs notice or the full cost of the lesson will be payable.

We will endeavour to be on time for every lesson, however occasionally this is not always possible. If we feel we are going to be more than 10 minutes late we will contact you to advise you of the situation. In the event we are late you will still receive all of your lesson time.

In the event that we arrive for your lesson and you fail to turn up we will do our upmost to contact you to alert you to the fact you are missing your lesson. If we manage to make contact we will wait and carry out the remainder of lesson time that is left. If we fail to make contact we will wait a minimum of 15 minutes before leaving and the full lesson price will be payable.

If we fail to attend a lesson without prior notice we will provide you with 1 free hour tuition.

If we cancel a lesson with less than 24hrs notice we will give you 50% off your next lesson.

All tests shall only be booked when both instructor and pupil are in agreement that the pupil is at the
required standard. If any test is booked without the prior agreement of the Instructor and they feel the pupil is not at the required standard the use of our vehicle for the day of the test will be withdrawn.

If we are unable at short notice to attend a pre-agreed test appointment we will endeavour to find you a substitute instructor/car or in the event you end up missing your test appointment we will repay you the test fee or rebook you another test out our expense. Except in circumstances where our car has been withdrawn as the pupil is not deemed to be at test standard.

All cost of repair to damage to the vehicle or insurance excess will be covered by us except when there has been wilful neglect on the part of the pupil or deliberate failure to follow our appropriate instructions.

All block bookings must be paid for in full and in advance of the lessons commencing.

Block bookings are refundable for any unused lessons, however as you would have received a discount for block booking this discount would no longer apply to lessons already used, subsequently the refund would be for the unused amount minus the extra charge for the used lessons.

Any late cancellations or “no shows” for lessons will be subtracted from block booking payments.

Any payment for block bookings etc will be held for 12 months from date received. In the event of the lessons not being taken and there being no request for a refund or attempt to continue with lessons during the 12 months the payment will then become the property of Driving Excellence.

We like to treat every pupil as an individual, therefore in certain circumstances this means there maybe changes to our Terms & Conditions. However these will be need to be done in writing and signed by both parties to make them binding.

No instructor will tolerate abuse or bad language towards themselves or any other road user, if this occurs then the pupil will be asked to find another Instructor.

We may book tests on the pupils behalf but payment will be due within 14 days of it being booked or at least 5 working days before the test, whichever is sooner or the test will be cancelled.

Payment for lessons must be made at the start by either cash/card/PayPal or bank transfer. Cheques will only be accepted 7 days in advance of lesson.

We reserve the right to withdraw any offer or discount at anytime without prior notice.

No driving tests are to be booked before 10.00am without prior consent from the pupils Instructor.

It is the pupil’s responsibility to remain in contact with us and to update us of any changes of phone number/address.

It is the pupils responsibility to ensure that they are fit to drive and not suffering the effects of alcohol or other substances. In the event we feel that your driving is impaired or you may still have alcohol in your system the lesson will be terminated and full payment will be due.